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Okay I'm up for grabs, seriously­čÖé

I am here to serve you for a better life, I finally figured out where I am at in my life. I'm very helpful and I got lots of skills and some tools and a little truck and motorhome. Times are coming where we need to help each other if possible. The only help I need is a secure place to live and that we somewhat think alike of what's going on in the world today.

Let me set up my place and then I can be of great help to you. I'm doing it here but I feel my days might be ending here, possibly wasted time energy and money, ­čśú. All my efforts over the past 30 years to be one of the best handyman and nobody knows, or cares?

I do not want someone that's just wanting my rent money instead of my help, don't get me wrong I will pay rent and be of help at the same time. I do not want someone that's an alcoholic or drug addict or a cheat or a liar. I like for someone that is American minded, law abiding church going or not but just a good person at heart will work for me.
Just thought to share this just in case there's a better calling for me.

I'm a good gardener and l love growing vegetables of sort, I have a green thumb. I'm also a carpenter that can build and repair. I'm also a mechanic that can fix chainsaws weed whackers anything of that nature like small engines and also farm tractor equipment, it's all mechanical so it's all the same to me. I also know how to weld and fabricate stuff out of metal and I have artistic views. I know a bunch of other stuff that is useful. If you like to know more about me we can meet and talk further. I'm also retired living off my social security. I am a happy camper and I live it ­čÖé.

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