$150,000 Forested Land, New home, Own-Grid


We provide you with property, a new house, and your own grid of power, water and sewer. The least expensive package costs $150,000. This means you can retire for the rest of your life on $150,000. The more you spend, the bigger your house will be. We have a hard money lender to get you in if you can't get a loan and do not have at least 150k.

We have dozens of lots within our 398 acre properties. All of our properties are on highway 101 between Humboldt State Park and Willits. You are welcome to live on your property while we design and develop your new house and complete off grid system. Everything is done in house. We draft the plans. We build your home. We create your power, water and sewer services.

We are a 501c3 charity that operates a private membership association as a fundraiser. You will be part of our PMA and enjoy all of the amenities therin. Eat healthy and live free while enjoying our life long retreats.

Our mission is to provide Housing and Services to everyone. So you can expect food grown on site as well as many things you would like to have to make life comfortable. This is where you can homeschool, eat organic food, watch movies, build, farm, ranch, learn permaculture, hike, create, and just relax and enjoy this beautiful world all while knowing you are safe from oppression.

♦Nowhere else will you have this opportunity to retire for the rest of your life with such a small investment.♦

Please review our website and become a member of our PMA. It is only $10 a month. You must be a member in order to qualify to live on our land. You can review our constitution and membership agreement online. It is very basic. Be a nice and good person that treats people good and you will be welcome.

Contact us directly through the website! https://www.mytimeback.org/

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