High-functioning autistic introvert seeking peaceful, private rental (101 corridor)

dogs are OK - wooof
Hello, I am seeking reasonably priced studio, warehouse, converted barn, cottage, etc. Must be ground level and not in close proximity to others. Prefer privacy, peace, and open space (not buried in the forest). My credit is excellent and I have great long-term rental references. I am a responsible, reliable, extremely respectful, consientious, mature person. My interests are the arts, music, nature, self-improvement, consciousness expansion, and personal growth/healing. I do not smoke, drink, or party (infrequent, occasional light 420 edible use). As an introvert, I have minimal guests...very little traffic. I have one small, quiet, well-behaved dog who is with me constantly (does not roam free or cause problems). He will also be recovering from spinal surgery over the next several months, so his activity will be minimal...mostly cage rest. I can pay rent many months in advance for the right place if that would be beneficial to you. I would prefer a landlord who is concerned, ethical, respectful, and responsible (takes care of their property). Environmentally friendly also appreciated (no Roundup, etc). As I work from home, I may be willing to provide security or caretaking duties for those seeking a person to watch over things (i.e. an elderly person who feels more safe and comfortable having another around or requires help with tasks) as well as pet-sitting, watering, or babysitting (having raised my own child as a single parent, I have a lot of experience...also passionate about contemporary conscious parenting philosophies). Please lmk if you have any leads. $100 finder's fee paid to anyone who makes a suggestion or referral that leads to me renting a place. Should you decide to offer your rental to me, I commit to behaving honorably and ethically in service of a mutual win/win situation. I would be greateful for the opportunity to reside in your beautiful property and will care for it as if it were my own. Cheers!

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