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KEEPING PAYROLL DOWN is always the most important underlying principle at Walmart. For some managers it is more important than safety, morality, ethics and legality. The numbers are staggering. With 1.5 million Associates earning an average pay of about $10 per hour, the basic payroll is $15 million per hour. Limiting raises to tiny amounts goes right to their bottom line.

Associates are the “Lowest Common Denominator” in the Walmart profit equation. Every possible tactic is used against Associates during evaluations to limit raises. They structure the setting of the reviews to employ every psychological advantage. They like to use the element of surprise. The amount of a raise is determined before the review happens without any input, testimony or protest, from the Associate.

I expected this sort of behavior from a large company vastly experienced in evaluating employees. After all, they perform over 2 million evaluations a year on Associates alone. But what I didn't expect were some of the sneaky and underhanded ways the managers accomplished their sworn duty to limit pay increases. And they did these devious things in ways that were difficult to detect and verify.

After the dirty tricks they pulled on me during my first few evaluations, I realized I had to beat them at their own game. As the meager raises persisted, it became a quest to get the maximum raise at my next review. This is the true story of how I finally got Walmart to give me the maximum raise of sixty cents per hour.

By exposing the dirty tricks Walmart uses to limit raises to cut payroll costs, I hope to give every Associate powerful tools to use at their future evaluations. Perhaps this documentation of my experience will help with the current efforts to improve the lives of the downtrodden and beaten Associates.

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Five Stars
"This book could be the cure, in the right hands. Buy it. Read it. Ron, you tell your story well. It is an eyeopener!"
672 Antarctica

Five Stars
“I enjoyed this book because it was a fast read.”
A. J. Campbell

Four Stars
"Anyone who works for Walmart needs to read this. I love this story."
Amazon Customer

Four Stars
“I loved this book and learned a lot about Walmart.”

Five Stars
“Good book . . . they can really exploit you . . . schedule unpredictable.”
Trying 2 B A Betterperson

Four Stars
“Funny and honest . . . very interesting read . . . I enjoyed it."
Jill the Cat Mom

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